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Tianshi Wax

Powder Metallurgy
Powder Metallurgy processes mainly include powder preparation, mixed powder, pressing and forming, press sintering and post-sinter treatment. In the end, powder metallurgical parts are formed. During compacting of the powder, friction is inevitable, mainly the internal friction between powder particulates and between powder particulates and inner wall of the moulds.

Existence of internal and external frictions will lead to loss to compacting pressure and hinder the increase to compact density. It will cause internal crack and surface unevenness of the compact during stripping.

Lubricants can effectively cope with above issues, reduce internal and external frictions and the loss to pressing pressure, and improve compact density. During stripping, it can reduce stripping force and extend service life of moulds so that the parts can have good surface gloss.
During pre-mixing of the powder, precipitation might happen during powder mixing due to different specific weights of particulates of different ingredients. The adhesives can effectively improve from the precipitation. Particulates of different sizes amongst the powder can easily lead to increased void ratio due to their uneven distribution. The adhesives can enable the reasonable distribution of particulates, fill up the porosities and improve compact strength.

NEW-0401 is a typical warm pressing lubricant for powder metallurgy, and featured with following advantages:
1,It can effectively reduce the friction during powder compacting without affecting the strength of green body.
2,When stripped, the surface of work piece is smooth and shining without black spots.
3,It can decompose completely during sintering, free of residual and without contaminating the sintering furnace.,
4,Particulate sizes are reasonably distributed and stable.,
5,It imposes small impact on powder fluidity and offers anti-caking property.Recommended dosing volume: 0.5%-1%

PEW-0301 is pre-mixing adhesive for powder metallurgy, and featured with following characteristics:
1,It can effectively prevent the precipitation due to difference in specific weights of the particulates.
2,It can enable reasonable distribution of particulate sizes to improve compact density.
3,It can improve compact strength.
4,It generates less dust contamination during feeding.Recommended dosing volume: 0.2%-0.4%
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Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co., Ltd (Nanjing Tianshi) produces 9000 tons micronized wax, 3000 tons water-based wax emulsion, 10000 tons PE wax and 1500 tons oxidized PE wax, which is located at No. 29, Caofang Road, Luhe Development Zone, Nanjing, China, covers an area of 22,000m2 workshop.

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