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Tianshi Wax

Concrete Release Agent
Concrete Release Agent is the wax suspension liquid. In the cement demoulding industry, a dense polymer film can be formed on the surface of the mold to achieve the function of isolating the product and the mold, which can improve the apparent quality of cement products, protect the mold, and has the characteristics of environmental protection and non-toxicity.

Product Recommendation
wax suspension liquid
Appearance PH Corrosion
LW-202 milky white emulsion 7-8 No

The release compound provided by us finds application in the following areas :
• Construction of canal lining, roads, bridges, piers
• Used in areas which are difficult to cure like vertical or sloping surfaces

How to use
1. Before applying the release agent, clean the formwork without rust and concrete scale.
2. Brush the release agent evenly on the mold, or spray it directly on the mold by spraying. After the release agent dries, the concrete can be poured.
3. The template coated with release agent should be protected from rain before use. If it is exposed to rain, it should be repainted with concrete release agent.

1. Before use, the mold release agent and water should be stirred evenly in a ratio of 1:3.
2. When using the release agent, brush evenly and never miss the brush.
3. This release agent cannot be operated on rainy days.
4. The release agent should be stored in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
Packaging and storage
25 kg/barrel, 50 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel
This product is a water-based emulsion with neutral acidity and alkalinity. It does not react to concrete and aluminum molds, and is harmless to the human body. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly release agent. This product is brushed on the template. After 15-30 minutes, a transparent protective layer will be formed on the aluminum mold, so that the concrete does not stick to the template, and the release agent will not remain on the concrete wall. It will adversely affect subsequent projects. Save manpower, protect the aluminum mold, and extend the life of the aluminum mold.
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Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co., Ltd (Nanjing Tianshi) produces 9000 tons micronized wax, 3000 tons water-based wax emulsion, 10000 tons PE wax and 1500 tons oxidized PE wax, which is located at No. 29, Caofang Road, Luhe Development Zone, Nanjing, China, covers an area of 22,000m2 workshop.

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