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Tianshi Wax

Offset Printing Ink


Waxes used in offset printing ink can improve abrasive resistance, smoothness, anti-rub and gloss control, and prevent the pigment filler from precipitation.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50 (μm) Melting Point ℃
PEW-0200 Polyethylene Wax

White Powder

5-6 110
PEW-0215 4-6 110
PEW-0276 4-6 115±3
PEW-0278A 6 126

Heat-set rotary

Offset rotary heat-set ink refers to those that make ink quickly volatile and ink film fast dry after being heated during printing. Wax powder used in the ink aims to improve abrasive resistance and reduce ink viscosity.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50 (μm) Melting Point ℃
PTFE-0103 PTFE White Powder 4-6 320
PTFE-0104 PTFE White Powder 4-5 320
PEW-0678AF PTFE modified polyethylene wax White Powder 6-7 126

Cold-set rotary

Used for offset printing ink to function as anti-adhesion, anti-scratch, lubrication dispersion, and improve gloss, handfeel, pigment color developing.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50 (μm) Melting Point ℃
PEW-0220 Polyethylene Wax White powder 5-6 110
PEW-0276 4-6 115±3
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Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co., Ltd (Nanjing Tianshi) produces 9000 tons micronized wax, 3000 tons water-based wax emulsion, 10000 tons PE wax and 1500 tons oxidized PE wax, which is located at No. 29, Caofang Road, Luhe Development Zone, Nanjing, China, covers an area of 22,000m2 workshop.

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