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How Polyethylene Wax Crystalline Improve the Soften Point of Modified Asphalt?

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Update time : 2020-04-07 14:45:19
In the construction project, in order to ensure the asphalt will not flow due to the increase of temperature, some additives such as waxes will be added to which improve the soften point of the asphalt, increase the high temperature stability of the asphalt. The waxes can do this.
How polyethylene wax crystalline do?
The asphalt modifier materials mainly include polymer wax, polymer elastomer, vulcanizing agent and base asphalt. Wax can improve the soften point of asphalt, and make asphalt have good construction performance. It not only meets the technical requirements of modified asphalt for road use, but also meets the requirements of high soften point materials in specific road construction.
Tianshi tests different waxes and different brands of wax to modify the asphalt, which is mainly due to the change of the molecular weight of different waxes, and the spatial structure formed by the matrix asphalt.
Among them, Tianshi polymer wax modified asphalt has better effect. At this time, the penetration value is the largest, the softening point is increased by 30 °C, and the ductility is slightly reduced. The viscosity of the modified asphalt increased by 42.3%, which increased the anti-rutting performance in summer. The viscosity decreased significantly in the range of 135 ° C ~ 165 ° C, which is favorable for summer construction.

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