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How HDPE Wax Emulsion Improve the Brightness for Paint

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Update time : 2020-04-07 14:36:10
Improving the brightness of the paint is relative with HDPE wax emulsion, but not the most important substance. The core important thing is the film-forming substance (whether it is a high-gloss resin emulsion or not). The water-based wax emulsion reacts with the film-forming substance to form a hardness on the surface of the paint film. Wear-resistant, good transparency, scratch-resistant, anti-friction, good gloss, good feel.

Why water-based wax emulsion is used to increase the brightness of paint?

First, the water-based wax emulsion in the coating / ink does not contain any volatile substances. It is green, environmentally friendly, and high hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, scratch resistance, friction resistance. The water-based wax emulsion not only has the effect of improving gloss, but also a matte effect.

Second, which factors will affect the effect of water-based wax paste to improve gloss?

This is related to the particle size of the aqueous wax emulsion. The smaller the particle size, the higher the gloss.

Applying the wax emulsion to the preparation system of the waterborne wood coating can greatly improve the anti-back tack and scratch resistance of the paint film. 

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