Fischer-tropsch wax

Fischer-tropsch Wax 0350C

Name: Fischer-tropsch wax
Model Number: PEW-0350C
Chemical Composition: FT Wax

Technical Parameters

Nature of the Product PEW-0350C
Appearance White Powder
Density       g/cm3 0.94
Dropping Point  ℃ 100±3
Viscosity      mPa.s@140℃ ≤20

Characteristics and Purposes

Ø PEW-0350C with the characteristics of narrow distribution of MW, high melting point, low viscosity, fast solidification, has good compatibility with EVA resin and petroleum resin, has good thermal stability, will not change color in a few hours under 180°C baking. Suitable to be used in hot melt coating.

Ø In the PVC processing, the PEW-0350C can effectively reduce the plasticizing torque, extend the plasticizing and thermal stability time, it has excellent anti-adhesion and mold releasing effect. It is suitable to be used in the plastic products processing of pipe, mill, and buckle, and it is also can be used in PVC thermal stabilizers.

Ø PEW-0350C is white, with low viscosity, has to be added in the inner extrusion process, it can provide good lubrication effect, and plays as a hardening agent in powder coating applications. Adding amount at 0.5% -3%. Good screw lubrication and hardening effects of the coating surface can be obtained.
Ø PEW-0350C can also be used in hot-melt road marking paint, with an additional amount between 5-20%.In some other industries, the additional amount is generally between 1-20%.

Packaging & Shipping
Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 25 kg / bag, 600/700kg/pallet, 13000g/20GP;
Delivery: 3-7days after payment received.


Muhammad Abdullah bhutta
Jan 30, 2022
Jan 08, 2022
We are looking for FT Waxes, kindly confirm grades available.
Jun 18, 2021
I am looking for granulated wax for making no malted candle , can you provide more info ,? Thank you
Jun 03, 2021
It has excellent anti-adhesion.
Harish pg
Apr 04, 2021
Wax supply
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