Fischer-tropsch wax

Fischer-Tropsch Wax TS-5115

Name: Fischer-tropsch wax
Model Number: TS-5115
Chemical Composition: FT Wax

 Technical Parameters
Nature of the Product TS-5115
Appearance Flake/ Granule
Melting Point    ℃ 110-116
Viscosity       CPS <20
Hot melt adhesive:

Refined Fischer-Tropsch wax have been successfully used in the formulation of metallocene polyene copolymers and EVA-based hot melt adhesives. Their high crystallinity and low viscosity make them a perfect choice for reducing the viscosity of the colloid, controlling the opening and curing time, improving thermal stability, and ensuring the best substrate wettability. It also guarantees the superior high temperature resistance.

Printing inks, pigments, varnishes and coatings:
Wax are used as additives in printing inks to improve the friction and wear resistance and act as a slip agent. Refined Fischer-Tropsch wax is an ideal substitute for polyethylene wax in all types of printing inks. 

Through the use of improved manufacturing technology, Tianshi Company has successfully upgraded its oxidized refined Fischer-Tropsch wax product line. Corresponding grades have been specially developed to improve processing stability, from simplifying emulsification and the entire application process to improving the properties of the final textile, including seamability, weaving, flexural abrasion resistance and tear strength.

Polishing agent:
Polishing agent manufacturers use wax products to achieve the basic functions of polishing, including protection, beautification and cleaning.

Characteristics and Purposes
1, TS-5115 has high hardness and whiteness, low viscosity, concentrated molecular weight distribution, and good thermal stability.
2, TS-5115 is used as used as dispersing agent in color master batches, filler master batches, and biodegradable master batches. It can improve the process ability, gloss, lubricity and thermal stability of HDPE, PP, PVC, EVA, PU, CPP, LDPE, etc. It can obviously reduce the static and dynamic COF, making it easily processed. As a lubricant for insulating cable materials, it can enhance the dispersing ability, improving the extrusion ratio, increasing the molds flow and releasing easily.
3, TS-5115 can effectively increasing the fusion time and reduce the fusion torque of PVC pipes, and PVC profiles with excellent anti sticking and mold release performance.
4, In some other industries, the additional amount is generally between 1-20%.
5, It can be a good alternative of sasol C105, H1N6 or LP1020

Packaging and Storage
1, Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 20kg / bag
2, It is non-hazardous product; please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.


Vishnu Elangovan
Jun 06, 2022
Hi Looking for sasol H1 wax regarding our new development
B S Patel
Mar 25, 2022
Need 1p0 kgs for trial and evaluation purpose if available in India ,or quote 1Mt ex Navha sacha port India
Shreesh Verma
Mar 13, 2022
Please provide development samples.
Jhon Farfan Rodriguez
Dec 03, 2021
Buenas tardes, deseo poder comprar cera de ustedes que cuentan con propiedades similares a ala sasolwax A28
Sep 08, 2021
Fischer-Tropsch Wax TS-5115 Name: Fischer-tropsch wax is this an alternative to the sasol b39 wax ?
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