Electret Materials

Organic-fluorine Electret Powder TF11

Appearance: White Powder
Type:  Organic-fluorine electret powder
Model: TF11
The organic-fluorine electret powder TF11 dedicated to melt-blowing cloth has extremely high anti-static capacity with uniform micropores, which can increase the electrostatic adsorption capacity of PP and extend the time efficiency for storage of electric charge for 1 year efficiently. It is applicable to the melt-blowing cloth with a filtering efficiency of 95 or 99.

Dosage and use methods
The filtering efficiency can be remarkably improved only by adding 0.05-0.1% organic-fluorine electret powder TF11 in the melt-blowing cloth, to extend the storage time of electric charge. Electret masterbatch can be obtained through compounding of TF11 and the melting index PP. The dosage into masterbatch is 5-10% and organic-fluorine electret powder can be added directly during production of those with a melting index of 1,500 through masterbatch.

Advantages of organic-fluorine electret powder
1.    Long-lasting static electricity
2.    Rapid charging
3.    Improving filtering indexes


Abdulquddus Sasa'a
Jun 02, 2022
Very great
Mar 18, 2021
Iam so glad to get your fathom and sage information concerning about organic -flourine electret powder and how also gaining more knowledge based on it is usage . superupub I appreciated that.long _lasting and static electricity 2rapid charging and lastly improving filtering index's.
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