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  • Waxes used in Crayons

    Waxes used in Crayons

    Tianshi wax can be used in crayons, especially paraffin wax. The main raw materials for making crayons include paraffin, ceresin, special macromolecule materials, pigments and other filling materials. The pigment is prepared according to the required color group. The pigment is grounded into colo...
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  • What is PTFE and PTFE powder?

    What is PTFE and PTFE powder?

    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is commonly referred to as “non-stick coating” or “easy-to-clean material.” This material is resistant to acids and alkalis and to various organic solvents and is almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, PTFE has the characteristic...
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  • How waxes used in cosmetics?

    How waxes used in cosmetics?

    Wax for eyebrow pencil Tianshi wax is applicable to cosmetics industry, and can improve the features as softening point, support point and lubricity in eyebrow pencil. Besides, it has low viscosity, high hardness, excellent thermal stability, low volatility under high temperature and strong dis...
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  • Need of Powder Coating Equipment

    Need of Powder Coating Equipment

    Commonly electrostatic gun or corona gun is used for applying the powder coating to metal objects. Here, lets discuss the working of electrostatic gun. Negative electric charge is imparted to the powder. The negatively charged powder is then sprayed towards the grounded object by mechanical or co...
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  • American Coating Show 2016

    American Coating Show 2016

    ACS 2016,which was held from Apr.12 to Apr.14, 2016 sets the record for the coating Industry. More than 550 exhibitors have displayed their latest developments in raw materials, production equipment, testing and measuring equipment, and services for the coating industry until 1:00 pm of Apr.14. I...
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