K2019, Oct. 16-Oct. 23, Germany: tianshiwax

nanjing tianshi wax
Oct. 16  - Oct. 23, 2019
Düsseldorf / Germany
Booth: 71/E03-31
Topic: The world´s No. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber.
Participants: Nanjing Tianshi New Material Co.,ltd.
Host: Messe Düsseldorf
Contact us: info@waxpi.com; technology@waxpi.com

Products Focus:

▼ Plastic machinery and equipment: injection molding machine, film blowing machine, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine, plastic granulator, plastic extruder, plastic machine auxiliary machine, other plastic machinery, feeding regenerative crusher, Film pull Wire machine, foaming equipment;
▼ Rubber machinery and equipment: rubber cutting machine, rubber extruder, rubber mixer, rubber granulator, rubber cutting machine, vulcanization tank, rubber laminating machine, rubber molding machine, rubber setting machine, rubber joint machine, vulcanizing machine Desulfurizer, bag making machine, rubber calender;
▼ Rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing equipment;
▼ Chemical raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials for rubber and plastics processing;
▼ Mould and accessories for rubber and plastic processing;
▼ various plastic products and plastic film;
▼ Rubber and plastic products;


Organized by the internationally renowned Düsseldorf Exhibition Company, the German International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (K) is the world’s largest and most influential plastics and rubber exhibition. It began in 1952 and is held every three years and has been successfully held for 19 sessions until 2013. K exhibition has become the direction of the development of the entire plastics industry. In 2013, it attracted 3,220 exhibitors from 59 countries around the world, with an international audience of 217,423. It is the best trading platform for equipment and technology in the plastics industry in various countries.

Germany, as the country with the largest demand for plastic products in Europe, has maintained a strong momentum in the plastics industry in recent years. Recently, the EU’s packaging, construction, automotive and electronics industries have developed rapidly, promoting the development of the local rubber and plastics industry all the time. China is the fourth largest importer of rubber and plastics in the EU. In 2013, Germany imported US$17.7 million worth of plastics and its products to China, up 4.1% year-on-year. The rise in demand for plastics in Germany and other places in recent years is a great development opportunity for Chinese foreign trade companies.

Post time: Jul-15-2019