for Paper & Corrugated


wax for paper

Most of the paper during papermaking is added with internal glue, wax emulsion enables the inherent absorption membrane of paper fiber with ideal water resistance.

Tianshi wax additives opens the possibility to adjust properties like hydrophobing, anti-blocking, slip or scratch resistance to the desired level.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance pH Melting Point ℃ Solid content
LW102 Modified Paraffin Wax Milk White Emulsion 6-8 52 45%
OE-6102 Oxidized polyethylene wax
off- white emulsion 7-9 115 36%
6301 Light yellow emulsion 7-9 127 35%
6501 Yellowish-brown liquid 7-9 137 35%

>>Anti-adhesive effect
>>Paper Anti-adhesive

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