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Tianshi Wax products can improve the abrasion resistance, smoothness, scratch resistance, gloss control, and avoid the setting of the pigment when added into the offset ink, gravure ink, flexo ink and screen printing ink. Before adding into solvent-based systems, waxes should be moistened by fully stirring with weak solvent like ethers, alcohol, and esters, or be made into wax dispersions. When be used in inks, suggest to grind the materials to improve its dispersity.

Model Product Name Application Particle Size(μm) Addition level
PTFE-0104 Micronized PTFE Wax Ultimate abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and smoothness. 5 0.5-1.5%
PEW-0205B Micronized PE Wax High hardness,good abrasion resistance,very fime particle size, high smoothness. 7 0.5-2%
PEW-0207 Good abrasion resistance, smoothness, especially suitable for offset printing. 5 1-2%
PEW-0208 1-2%
PEW-0209 1-2%
PEW-0212 Smoothness, scratch resistance, anti-blocking, stain resistance, can be used in all kinds inks. 0.5-2%
PEW-0220 Good abrasion resistance,smoothness,especially suitable for offset printing. 0.5-2%
PEW-0251 High gloss, abrasion resistance, especially suitable for gravure& UV ink. 6 0.5-2%
PEW-0274 Good-hardness, high melting point, temperature resistance,abrasion resistance, high gloss,especially suitable for gravure&offset ink. 5 0.5-2%
PEW-0276 6 0.5-2%
PEW-0511 Micronized Water-based PE Wax Used in water-based flexo ink and OPV, improve the abrasion resistance, suspension stability. 6 0.5-1.5%
PEW-0678F Micronized PTFE-modified PE Wax Good scratch resistance,good dispersion, especially suitable for offset ink and silk screen ink. 8 0.5-2%
PEW-0901 Micronized PP Wax High melting point and high hardness, excellent abrasion resistance. 8 0.5-2%
PEW-0931 High melting point, good matting and scratch resistance effect. 6 1-2%

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