Waxes for Masterbatch

Masterbatch&Filler masterbatch

This series of polyethylene waxes can improve the fluidity and dispersibility of masterbatch processing. They can effectively improve the coloring ability of pigments in the masterbatch, and the surface gloss of the masterbatch products.

This series of polyethylene waxes have good lubrication performance during the processing of filler masterbatch. They can effectively solve the precipitation of filler masterbatch and greatly improve the surface gloss of products. In addition, the material property of filler masterbatch can be improved effectively, enhancing the toughness of products.

Performances and features:
1. High molecular weight, high viscosity, narrow melting range, good dispersibility for pigments and inorganic powders, can improve products gloss, prevent colored spot and enhance pigment’s tinting strengh.

2. Excellent powder wettability increase fluidity, shorten mixing time and improve processing efficiency.
3. Good temperature resistance, no smoke, keep the balance of lubrication and dispersion system.

Nature of the Products Chemical Composition Appearance Density g/cm3 Melting Point ℃ Viscosity CPS
OSW-101 FT Wax White Granule 0.94-0.96 95±5 ≤20
OSW-102 FT Wax White Granule 0.94-0.96 100±5 ≤20


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