for Cosmetics

wax for cosmetics
The following Micronized PE waxes are suitable for cosmetic industry, and improve the cohesiveness and smoothness of powder products, such as pressed powder, eye shadow, baking powder and blusher, and enhance the hardness of the powder unit.

Micronized PE wax
Model Melting Point
Effect Appearance
CW-701 126 8 Hardness and smoothness White fine powder

CW-702 116 5 Cohesiveness and smoothness
CW-703 110 5
CW-704 118 6 Hardness and smoothness
CW-711 125 7 Cohesiveness, smoothness and skin feel
CW-712 115 5 Hardness, skin feel and smoothness 
CW-713 113 5 Cohesiveness, smoothness and skin feel
CW-714 116 5 Skin feel and hardness

The following PE waxes are suitable for the cosmetics industry, can improve the softening point, supporting point and lubricity characteristics in lipsticks and eyebrow pencils and other products it has the characteristics of low viscosity, good hardness, good heat resistance and stability, low volatility at high temperature, and strong dispersion to pigments.

PE wax 
Model Melting Point
Effect Appearance
CW-761 97 0.95 15

Micro pellet(25 mesh)
CW-762 102 0.92 White coarse powder
CW-763 110 0.92 Hardness,Smoothness
Micro pellet(20-30mesh)
CW-764 112 0.95 20 Micro pellet(20mesh)

The Refined White waxes are suitable for the cosmetics industry, can improve gloss and supporting points. In lipstick and eyebrow pencils increase toughness, good plasticity and expansion, good heat stability, can also prevent lipstick sweating.

Refined white wax
Model Melting point
Acid Value
mg KOH/g
Needle Penetration
(25℃,100g) 1/10mm
Water Content
Ash Content
CW-754 93-98 <=0.28 <=10
White flake
CW-755 91-94 <=0.25

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