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Tianshi wax additive can improve the abrasion resistance, smoothness, friction resistance and transparency in industrial paint, plastics coating, and wood lacquer. Before adding, waxes should be moistened by fully stirring with weak solvent like ethers, alcohol, and esters, or be made into serums after enough stirring.

Model Product Name Application Dv50 Addition Level
PEW-0101 Micronized PTFE wax

Smooth feeling, anti-blocking, fouling resistance, outstanding RCA resistance, scratch resistance. 3 0.5-1.5
PTFE-0104 Excellent smooth feeling, outstanding RCA resistance, scratch resistance, suitable for all kinds of coatings. 5 0.5-1.5
PTFE-0107 Good cost-effective, improve the RCA of coating, good abrasion, scratch resistance. 5 0.5-1.5
PEW-0205B Micronized PE wax

Good cost-effective, fine particle size, improve abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and hand-feeling. 7 1-2
PEW-0235 Smooth feeling, scratch resistance, anti-blocking, good transparency, suitable for wood, industrial, floor paint, plastic paint etc. 6 0.5-1
PEW-0251 Improve the smoothness, abrasion resistance, good transparency, scratch resistance, suitable for wood , industrial, UV coating. 6 0.5-1
NEW-0451 Micronized Amide wax Anti-setting and sagging additives, good thixotropic property, convenient activation, easy to use with little addition. 6 0.5-1.5
PEW-0511 Micronized PE wax
Good abrasion resistance, smooth feeling, anti-blocking, scratch resistance, good transparency, suitable for water-based coating. 6 0.5-1
PEW-0851 High melting point, good thermostability, very good anti-blocking effect, high hardness, excellent scratch resistance. 8 0.5-1
PEW-0674F Micronized PTFE modified PE wax
Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance, good dispersion, very suitable for floor, plastic coating ect. 5 0.5-1
PPW-0678F Excellent scratch resistance, high hardness, good temperature resistance, good dispersion, suitable for all kinds of coatings. 8 0.5-1
PPW-0901 Micronized PP wax
Good transparency, high hardness, Excellent scratch resistance, good accessorial extinction performance, suitable for all kinds of matting coatings. 8 0.5-1.5
PPW-0931 Good transparency, scratch resistance, smooth hand-feeling. 6 0.5-1.5

>>for Coil Steel Coatings
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>>for Industrial Coatings
>>for Metal Printing Coatings
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Gloss effect
*Flatting Wax(matte max)
*High-gloss Wax

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