Metal Printing Coatings

Inner coating of metal printing

Waxes used in metal printing can increase the scratch resistance and smoothness of the coating, with excellent transparency and slippery feel, hardly influencing the gloss, often recommended for metal printing coatings to improve gloss and transport efficiency.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50(μm) Melting Point ℃
Twax-1601 Pure carnauba wax Light yellow Powder <6 86
Twax-968 Special wax White Powder 4 102

Outer coatings of metal printing

The metal printing coating gloss oil system used in the outer can coating adopts micronized wax mainly to prevent the collision in the filling process, with high requirements on the hardness and fineness of the wax, easiness to disperse, good transparency and anti-sanding performance.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50(μm) Melting Point ℃
Twax-966 Special wax
White Powder
Twax-967 115

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