Leather Surface Conditioning Agent

Water-based white mist wax
It’s a kind of liquid wax of Tianshi, added conveniently and showing obvious discoloration effect on leather. It is also called matte white wax. Its dry film is not only matte, but also appears white, with a strong covering power, and without showing the bottom color.

Water-based wear-resisting wax
It can improve the scratch resistance of leather surface and have the effects of flatting and anti-adhesion. It can also be used in the solvent-based system.

Water-based scratch resistance wax
Good abrasive resistance, able to improve the hardness of water-based leather surface.

Water-based ironing gloss wax
Even pull-up effect, high temperature resistance, can be used in pretreatment process of synthetic leather, has good abrasion resistance effect, can used in solvent system.

Water-based anti-blocking wax
It can improve the anti-blocking and abrasive resistance of leather surface. It can also be used in the solvent-based system.

Transparent wax
Transparent wax for leather can be used in water-based system, with good transparency, able to form a protective film on the leather surface, make the leather brighter.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50(μm) Melting Point ℃
Twax-1502 Montan wax Light-yellow Powder 7-9 95-100

Stress pull-up wax
Tianshi compression discoloration wax has uniform particle size and obvious pull-up effect. It is a new type of discolor wax powder, made by a particular technology. When it is subjected to external stresses, such as stretching, jacking, bending and folding, the deformed location will change in color. With the change of deformation gradient, the color will change gradually from deep to light, giving a natural and soft feel. Once the external forces are removed, the color of the leather will naturally return to its original state.

Slippery wax
Tianshi wax can provide the leather surface with slippery feel. It can be used in the water-based system with excellent transparency properties.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50(μm) Melting Point ℃
Twax-1411 Special wax White Powder 5-6 82

Rough wax
Tianshi wax can provide leather surface with powdery and rough feel, meanwhile with matting and scratch resistance effects.

Pull-up wax
Tianshi wax can provide the leather surface with pull up effect, environment-friendly, with high temperature resistance, able to be used in water-based system.

Pull up wax
Tianshi wax is used for the pull-up treatment of the artificial leather surface, with uniform particle size and strong discoloration effect, easy to disperse.

Polish wax
The wax has a polishing effect in the leather, making the leather brighter and naturally shiny, able to polish rub and burn. Some wax products of Tianshi can substitute carnauba wax, and can be used in the water-based system

Model Chemical Composition Appearance DV50(μm) Melting Point ℃
Twax-1601 Pure carnauba wax Light yellow Powder

<6 86
Twax-0506 Oxidized polyethylene wax 6-7
Twax-0507 Special wax 80-86


Model Chemical Composition Appearance pH Melting Point ℃ Solid content
CE-11 Carnauba wax Brown liquid 7-9 82 30%


Oily wax
Tianshi wax can provide leather with a slippery feel, with good stability and good transparency, not easy to precipitate

Nature of the Products Chemical Composition Appearance DV50(μm) Melting Point ℃
Twax-1401 Special wax White Powder 6-9 75

High temperature burnish wax
This kind of wax is used when the leather’s original wax layer, maintenance layer and anti-fouling layer are thoroughly cleaned. The waterborne burn polish wax possesses uniform color and high temperature resistance, able to be used in the pre-treatment synthetic leather process. It can also be used in solvent system due to its good abrasive resistance.

Burnish wax
It is a kind of water-soluble and environment-friendly anionic burn wax, adopting advanced synthetic wax as the main raw material, with strong water solubility and stable emulsion, without holes on the surface or precipitation on the bottom, and able to be diluted in any proportion without stratification and demulsification. After using this, the leather surface is endowed with intense burn effect and high glossiness.

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