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Tianshi wax additives (including waterbased system) can be used in different types of aqueous polishes and care products, such as floor, wood, leather, shoes or car polishes. Depending on the special system, properties like durability, mark and scuff resistance, anti-slip, (high-speed) buffability, dirt-pick-up resistance as well as improved water and alcohol resistance can be achieved.

Model Product Name Application Particle Size
Additive Level
Twax-0506 Polishing wax High brightness, partial substitute for carnauba wax, can be used in water-based system 5 80 2-8%
Twax-0507 Easy to polish, has good gloss and can be used in water-based system 7 86
Twax-1601 Natural gloss, ironing gloss, burnish and can be used in water-based system 6 86
Twax-1401 Oily-touch wax Oil-touch, good stability and transparency, can be used in water-based system 7 78
Twax-1411 Wet-touch wax Wet slippery-touch, good transparency, can be used in water-based system


Model Melting Point Product Name Application Solid content Addition level
OE-83 110 PE wax emulsion Cationic system wax emulsion, lubricating and polishing for acid system 30% 10-30%
CE-11 82 Carnauba wax emulsion Good film transparency, abrasion resistance, scratches resistance, excellent polishing and very good hand-feeling 30% 5-10%
CE-12 35%
CE-13 30%

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