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wax for plastic
With Tianshi plastics wax additives you are able to positively influence the processing properties of your system as well as its mechanical and aesthetical properties and, ultimately, the quality of your final product.
Tianshi’s product portfolio covers a wide range of wetting and dispersing, rheology and surface additives as well as adhesion promoters, UV absorbers, wax and processing additives and nanotechnology-based additives.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Density g/cm3 Melting Point ℃ Viscosity CPS
OSW-101 FT Wax White Granule 0.94-0.96 95±5 ≤20
OSW-102 100±5
Model Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting Point ℃
PTFE-0104 PTFE White Powder 4-5 320
PTFE-0143 8-12 325

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