Floor Coatings

Solvent-based floor coating

The application of wax in solvent floor coating is mainly to increase the scratch resistance, abrasive resistance and dispersion of surface coating.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting Point ℃
PEW-0674F PTFE modified polyethylene wax
White Powder 5-6 116
PEW-0678AF White Powder 6-7 126
PPW-0931 Polypropylene Wax White Powder 5-6 145
PEW-0274 Polyethylene Wax White Powder 5-6 116

Water-based floor coating

The application of wax in floor coating is mainly to improve the scratch resistance of the coating. It’s required that wax powders have good dispersibility, storage mode and compatibility.

※Water proofing
※Scratch resistance, abrasion resistance
※Good gloss, easy to disperse

Model Chemical Composition Appearance  Dv50(μm) Melting Point ℃
PEW-0511 Polyethylene wax Light yellow Powder 6 110


Model Chemical Composition Appearance pH Melting Point ℃ Solid content
OE-6102 Oxidized polyethylene wax off- white emulsion 7-9

115 36%
OE-6108 Polyethylene wax Creamy white liquid 120 50%
PEW-2001 Oxidized polyethylene wax White fluid 110 45%

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