Flexible printing ink

It is generally water-based, mainly used for printing the corrugated paper with high absorption, using Tianshi’s oxidized polyethylene micronized wax and water-based wax dispersion. This kind of wax is easy to blend into the aqueous system, with excellent dispersibility, good storage stability and no layering.

Recommended Products:

Nature of the Products Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting Point ℃
PEW-0511 Polyethylene wax
Light yellow Powder
6 110
PEW-0512 8-10


Model Chemical Composition Appearance pH Melting Point ℃
PEW-2011 Oxidized polyethylene wax

White liquid
7-9 115-120
PEW-2015 7-8 110
OE-6102 off- white emulsion 7-9 115
OE-6108 Polyethylene wax Creamy white liquid 7-9 120

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