Coil Steel Coatings

Coil steel coatings used micronized waxes mainly to prevent the coil steel from scratches. The micronized waxes Tianshi produced provide the coatings with excellent smoothness and abrasive resistance, which can not only maintain excellent miscibility and dispersity, but also provide extremely low friction coefficient.

Nature of the Products Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting Point ℃
PEW-0200 Polyethylene Wax White Powder 5-6 110
PEW-0674F PTFE modified polyethylene wax White Powder 5-6 116
PEW-0615F PTFE modified polyethylene wax White Powder 7 110
PTFE-0103 PTFE White Powder 4-6 320

wax for coil steel coating

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