Established in 2002, NanJing TianShi has serviced more than 7000+ customers with more than 17 industrials.

Over 300 kinds of waxes, TianShi includes 500 tons virgin Micronized PTFE, 9000 tons Micronized waxes, 3000 tons wax emulsions &dispersions, and PE/FT/PP/oxidized waxes, etc.

Tianshi waxes and wax emulsions are used in various industries throughout the world. While our products are typically used in the paint, printing ink and coatings markets, there are many other uses for them including crops protection, ceramics and hot melt adhesives, plastics etc.

For more product application information, visit the detailed application pages by click followings. You are assured of finding a product and solution ideal for your needs.

>>for coatings                        >>for printing ink

>>for plastics                         >>for cosmetics

>>for textiles                         >>for construction

>>for leathers                        >>for grease&lubricant

>>for adhesives                      >>for paper&corrugated

>>for fruit/seed protection       >>for candle

>>for polish                                            >>Micronized PTFE


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