• Leather Surface Conditioning Agent

    Water-based white mist wax It’s a kind of liquid wax of Tianshi, added conveniently and showing obvious discoloration effect on leather. It is also called matte white wax. Its dry film is not only matte, but also appears white, with a strong covering power, and without showing the bottom color. W...
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  • Genuine Leather Coating Agent

    Leather polishing wax Leather polishing process is divided into three steps: coarse polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing. To get the best effect, good polishing wax must be selected. Tianshi polishing wax has high brightness, easy to polish, with good gloss, able to replace carnauba wax...
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  • Wood Coating

    Solvent-based wood coating Matte finishing coating among solvent-based wood coatings can be added with micropowder wax to improve the handfeel. The waterborne micropowder wax and waterborne wax dispersion, polyethylene micropowder wax of Tianshi can also combine the requirements on handfeel, tran...
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  • Powder Coatings

    Sand texture agent The relative wax products of Tianshi can create sand texture effect, easy to disperse and can modify a variety of materials, with rich sand texture effects, fine sandy feel and smooth feel, can improve extrusion effect. Model Chemical Composition Appearance Dv50 (μm...
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  • Metal Printing Coatings

    Inner coating of metal printing Waxes used in metal printing can increase the scratch resistance and smoothness of the coating, with excellent transparency and slippery feel, hardly influencing the gloss, often recommended for metal printing coatings to improve gloss and transport efficiency. ...
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  • Industrial Coatings

    Water-based industrial coating The wax in water-based industrial coatings mainly provides as abrasive resistance, scratch resistance, improving the handfeel. Model Chemical Composition Appearance pH Melting Point ℃ Solid content OE-6102 Oxidized polyethylene wax off- white emulsion 7...
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  • Floor Coatings

    Solvent-based floor coating The application of wax in solvent floor coating is mainly to increase the scratch resistance, abrasive resistance and dispersion of surface coating. Model Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting Point ℃ PEW-0674F PTFE modified polye...
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  • Offset Printing Ink

    Sheet-fed Waxes used in offset printing ink can improve abrasive resistance, smoothness, anti-rub and gloss control, and prevent the pigment filler from precipitation. Model Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting Point ℃ PEW-0200 Polyethylene Wax White Pow...
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  • Gravure Printing Ink

    Inner printing ink (compound ink) Inner printing ink is between two layers of plastics, needing to be added with micronized wax mainly to lubricate the printer’s doctor blade and improve the delivery capacity of ink. Model Chemical Composition Appearance Particle Size μm(Dv50) Melting...
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